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Entry #19

Holy shit

2017-07-31 11:45:36 by Preswitch

I feel like everywhere I go I see traps.

They are everywhere man it's worse than the pokemon thingy.

Well I guess I should welcome myself in 2017, even doe I don't really care about what trap does or shit, I mean they do what they want if they love to look like a girl I mean let them I guess ?

It just kinda makes me scared about the thing with the masculinity crisis.

I mean if this goes on what would masculinity be like ?

Here's a test so that atleast you get something to watch ( I mean it's an old one , I might have posted that before)

I should maybe start cleaning the old mess I did on my account



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2017-07-31 12:12:04

*got up from tomb*
- Oh, hi.

Preswitch responds:

long time no see, waddup ?


2017-07-31 12:49:40

When are you gonna talk to me, I miss you.

(Updated ) Preswitch responds:

In the country I am right now Im available at 1am, idk wat hour it will be in your country doe
I'm installing skype as I am writing this
(Unless u use something else to communicate on the intrawabz)


2017-07-31 13:49:36

mdr jcroyais que tetais mort

Preswitch responds:

Ptain moi aussi mdr


2017-07-31 16:06:19

Fucking download discord nibba.

Preswitch responds:

Only problem I wont be able to talk tonight because there's some big boi sleepin
Idk if this thing does text