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Holy shit

2017-07-31 11:45:36 by Preswitch

I feel like everywhere I go I see traps.

They are everywhere man it's worse than the pokemon thingy.

Well I guess I should welcome myself in 2017, even doe I don't really care about what trap does or shit, I mean they do what they want if they love to look like a girl I mean let them I guess ?

It just kinda makes me scared about the thing with the masculinity crisis.

I mean if this goes on what would masculinity be like ?

Here's a test so that atleast you get something to watch ( I mean it's an old one , I might have posted that before)

I should maybe start cleaning the old mess I did on my account



2016-12-25 15:42:40 by Preswitch

Well I'm trying to...



I'm back

2016-07-09 10:44:02 by Preswitch

Ey I'm back from my little exsistencial crisis, I'm done fapping and I let my hands free to animate again, (No one gives a shit about u mate gtfo) and to celebrate that I suggest you to take a bottle of bleach and to kill yourself

Jokes asides mates I love you all even doe I don't even know who you all are, I lost some animating skill I will try to regain that. For the moment being enjoy that little shit test that I made today freshly out from the oven.

I have some projects in mind but I have nothing to show you, because I still didn't started anything yet                      (You lazy fuck)

Have a nice day


Bye bye

2016-03-01 13:43:23 by Preswitch

I'm out of newgrounds

Bouhouhou poor me , you might just think i'm being a whiny bitch but I don't give a shit. And who gives a shit about me anyways ?!


I'm not saying that I hate everyone I just say that I don't give a fuck about it anymore.


Insult me if you want I understand why you would.


Anyways have a nice day

Hank get pwnd

2016-01-30 04:30:06 by Preswitch

Begginer's tournamment

2016-01-23 13:13:50 by Preswitch

Yo yo yo !

Just so you know you can all vote here :

And watch our shit here :

So I personnally think that : @Kirs10 and @Atp505 Won this round , you both made good combo and shit.

I will be honest with you all... I kinda feel fucking jealous xDDDD


It's for all people that are in the begginer tournament I'm just writing this to wish you all the best of luck !

And to do your best.

That's all for now ! have a nice day!

A test

2016-01-07 01:08:31 by Preswitch I made a test with @Bigleostar sprites

So I hope you like my big boi !

I joined the djjaner begginer's tournament because I need to practice more and it really looks interesting !

3 non finished shit-test

2016-01-05 11:09:57 by Preswitch

I'm a lazy fuck what did you all expect xD

Anyways hope you had a nice day

Merry christmas !

2015-12-23 02:56:24 by Preswitch

Merry christmas you magnificiant bastards <3                                                                                                      

Heh christmas an enjoyable day were we get united with all the family with food and shit !                                         

So tell me guys what gift are you going to have ?